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Innovating Condo Units with Smart Home Technology

The Stratford Residences

Control signifies power. It means making things work the way you want them to. The same idea inspired Picar Development Inc., the premium real estate developer of AMA Group, to design The Stratford Residences with an innovative residential solution that enables its future residents to control their condo unit, also known as the smart home technology.

A specialized system that aims to revolutionize urban high-rise living, smart home allows residents to easily manage and access their living spaces with a user-friendly touchscreen panel or their smartphones. It adopts the concept of home automation and personalization to make it possible to program unit devices like switching on and off the lights.

With smart home, a television set can act as a high-tech interface to access and control the entire unit, while smartphones can be used to adjust room temperature, open curtains, or control other home features. The technology also simplifies audio…

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Instilling positive values to upgrade the quality of filipinos’ lives

Article from Business Mirror
Written by Janica Monick Riego / Photo by Alysa Salen


model01THE Philippines is about to have another iconic development in 2014.

Picar Development Inc., a real-estate subsidiary of the AMA Group of Companies, is currently brewing up the Stratford Residences, a 74-story residential development bound to be among the tallest buildings in the country.

The Stratford Residences is Picar’s flagship project and the best representation of the company’s vision of building iconic developments across the country—a vision that sets Picar, even with its relatively recent arrival in the industry, apart from other real-estate companies.

“It takes a lot of creativity, and that is where the excitement is. I’m proud to say that we have created our name despite all these other developers,” said Picar Vice President for Sales Marian Arietta-Roxas, explaining that although the key players of the industry were already established upon the company’s arrival in 2007, Picar created a niche for itself.

“We don’t compete head on with these other companies. We create a different path,“ she said.

“One thing is for sure: If you always go with the usual, malulunod ka. You will have the tendency to get lost,” she said.

The lady executive cites the company’s units, which are bigger and have higher ceilings, unlike the recent trend of units becoming smaller.

Roxas also emphasizes that quality is important. “You need to have people in mind when you build. You always have to upgrade the quality of life of Filipinos, no matter the cost.”

She said that another good thing she is proud of is that everything is Filipino made.

“If you’re going to build a Philippine landmark, it might as well be made by Filipinos,” she said. “Believing in our own is very important. We have the best people.”

Doing things differently

“IN Picar, we do things differently,” said Roxas, explaining that aside from the creative conceptualization of developments, the people—from the company’s owner Ambassador Amable Aguiluz V down to the sales people—have a different and more personal way of dealing with their customers.

Roxas, being among the leaders of the company, embodies this philosophy even with her leadership style. “There’s no one way or style of leadership; it’s different for every person. But mostly, my style is to get to know, genuinely like and be concerned with the people I work with. That’s the only way I can see how they will become productive.”

The De La Salle University alumna, with her pleasant demeanor, believes that being strict is also important because it is where the discipline comes in. At the same, she encourages her team to speak their minds, always think out of the box, and avoid doing the same things other sales people do.

“I want them to think. I don’t want them to just be dictated upon,” she said.

Aside from emphasizing creativity, unity, discipline and professionalism, Roxas always impresses upon her team how, especially in sales, it is vital to take care of the clients and build long-lasting relationships with them. “Once you make a sale, it’s not the end of the relationship with the clients—that’s when the work begins.”

Roxas, who has been in the real-estate industry since 1994, has seen many changes and improvements in the company. Her kind of leadership has been a contributing factor in the company’s success. It is the kind of leadership that she passes on to the company’s senior sales managers.

“Our job is not something we take lightly,” Roxas said. “It’s a big responsibility; we are molding younger people. It is very important that we instill proper values, ethics, discipline and integrity.”

Bright future

“BY next year, Picar is going to be more bullish and aggressive,” the lady executive said. To date, the company has feature projects in the pipeline, including those in Mandaluyong, Alabang and Cavite. “In five years, we will be one of the key players in the industry.”

“Many investors from Asia and the rest of the world are now looking at the Philippines because of the country’s current investment grade,” she said. “They know na magaling ang mga Pilipino. It’s an exciting time for the industry.”

For Roxas—who has a Humanities degree from De La Salle University, tried teaching in her alma mater and eventually left—staying was definitely an option despite the demanding schedule as a leading executive of Picar.

“It is a 24/7 job. If you want to do the job right, there is no time limit,” she said.

While most people would avoid such a demanding job, Roxas has diligently embraced her profession, ensures the passage of proper values to the people in her team, and plans to stay in the coming years to continue helping build iconic developments for Filipinos.

With Roxas at the helm of Picar, it is almost a 100-percent guarantee that the company continues to face a bright future ahead.

Achieving World-Class Standards in Real Estate

World-class is an international standard of excellence of the highest degree. Not all real estate developments in the Philippines can be identified as such, only a few have actually strived to achieve the quality worthy of its definition. 

Picar Development, Inc. was established to serve as the premium residential and commercial developer of the country’s leading Information Technology Educational Institution, the AMA Group of Companies. Picar Development Inc.’s commitment is to provide globally benchmarked real estate developments that are focused towards significantly enhancing the Filipinos’ standard of living.

“Picar Development was formed with one strong vision,” shared Picar Chairman Amb. Amable R. Aguiluz V. “Our vision of greater things allows us to innovate and create projects that are at par with several premium developments from various parts of the world.”

Picar Development’s mission to build real estate developments that embody its world-class standard of innovation is evident in all its existing developments as each one was conceptualized with meticulous attention to detail and passion for excellence in mind.

Its flagship development, The Picar Place is located along Kalayaan Avenue in Makati City, now recognized as the new cosmopolitan hub for high-end residential living and global hospitality where sophisticated urban dwellers and expatriates frequent. The Picar Place site used to be part of the former location of the International School of Manila. But now, with Picar’s formidable presence and its unique & vibrant concept of the ultimate world-class residential lifestyle experience, it has transformed this former school campus into an emerging Makati lifestyle hub.

The pride of Picar Place is its premier iconic development, The Stratford Residences. Soon to rule the Makati skyline with 74 floors (312 meters), The Stratford Residences will be the tallest residential tower in the Philippines.  This skyscraper and future national landmark promises the ultimate world-class luxury lifestyle experience by consolidating the comfort & privacy that a home provides, the convenience & security of the state-of-the-art amenities & facilities and unlimited access to sky-high luxury and international five star hospitality at its finest. 

To redefine the concept of residential lifestyle, The Stratford Residences will be an intelligent building that will be completely WI-FI and will have 12 value-added services that were designed specifically for the future residents of The Stratford Residents by Cisco Systems, the world-leader in network service design & manufacturing.

These innovative features will enable future residents access to technologically advanced services, which will be made available via subscription, such as virtual attendants, smart home, child locator, digital signage, safety and security among others.

The Stratford Residences is a world-class real estate development that is proudly Filipino-made.  Its exceptional curvilinear shape design feature has been recognized by BCI Asia — one of the country’s leading construction information service providers — as one of its top featured designs in 2009. Recently, in 2012, The Stratford Residences received international recognition when it was featured as Tallest Structure in the Philippines at the viewing deck display of the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France alongside other iconic landmarks from all over the world. 

Picar Place is also home to Buddha-Bar Manila, a three-storey fine dining establishment known for its Asian fusion cuisine, distinct music and very comforting atmosphere. Buddha-Bar Manila is the 13th franchise of the world-renowned Buddha Bar Paris. Picar Development was awarded the exclusive rights to build the 1st branch in Asia and the 13th worldwide.  Buddha Bar is the preferred destination of VIPs, dignitaries & celebrities all over the world with branches in Prague, Monte Carlo, Las Vegas, Dubai among others and the brand’s largest branch in the world.  Buddha Bar Manila boasts of being the largest establishment of the brand in the world

Picar Development Inc.’s vision is to build pioneering global projects that raise the standard for real estate developments in the country. To know more about Picar and its developments, visit www.picardevelopment.com or reach us through email at inquiry@picardevelopment.com or call +632.822.3443.

A Treat in Hong Kong (11.24.2013)


A Treat in Hong Kong

Delight in a night of sounds, soul and scrumptious cuisine as we treat you this weekend.

World-class entertainment to be performed by all-Filipino bands and special promos are exclusively prepared for you.

Dine, chat and enjoy with us in this intimate social gathering to celebrate the rosy Philippine property sector.

24 November 2013
Registration starts at 6:00 PM
Spicy Fingers, 78-82 Jaffe Rd., Wan Chai, Hong Kong, Hong Kong S.A.R., China


Discover the 4 Facets of Upscale Living on Sat (11.09) at Johnny Rockets Rob Galleria


The Facets of Upscale Living

The four facets of upscale residential living unfold with four of the most technologically-advanced real estate developments in the Philippines.

Discover these as we invite you to enjoy a full day of fun conversations over great tasting food and refreshments. Come and join this lively get-together to find out the variety of lifestyle offerings by The Stratford Residences, AMA Tower Residences, The Chelsea Residences and Ara Vista Village.

9 November 2013 (Saturday)
10:00 AM onwards
Johnny Rockets – Robinsons Galleria Branch
Level 2, Space No. 2355, Robinsons Galleria Veranda, Robinsons Mall, Quezon City

RSVP: Miles Miguel 0917.429.9977